Thursday, 18 February 2016

How to find the search volume of keywords

Finding how often searches that relate to your business is an essential step that can be worth so much money because it tells you what your potential customers are looking for. This is a quick guide to show you how you can easily get the search volume of any terms in any location directly from Google.

1. Use the Google Keyword planner (
You will need an account. If you have any Google account you can use that or you can quickly register with any email.

2. Once you're signed in click 'Get search volume data and trends'.
3. Type the keywords or search terms you want to check (1 term per line or separate them with commas).
4. Select your location (if you have a local business that only services Sydney there's no point getting the data for all of Australia).
5. Click 'Get search volume'.
6. You will now get a list of your search terms with their average number of searches each month.

They keyword planner has plenty more features you can go into but even with this basic use it's an extremely valuable free resource for any business owner.

Stuck on ideas for what your customers might be searching? Check out this blog post with some great tips to get as many terms as possible.

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